Designer Tips – Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and glass can be a problematic job. In spite of all of the effort, the glass still has streaks and lint and never seems sparkling clean.  We often get asked if we have a solution for this problem.  After years of trial and error, we can conclude that apart from the elbow grease, you need the right cleaner, tools and technique.  To get a beautifully cleaned glass surface we suggest the following:

1. Never use a swirling motion as this causes streaks to appear when light hits the surface.  Wipe the mirror top to bottom first, then wipe side to side.  We have found this will leave you with perfectly clean glass.

2. Cleaners – Sprayway comes in at the top of our list.


3. Cleaning Cloth – For a cloth that requires only water and has given us amazing results, we suggest the KD Cloth. This cloth is also great on stainless appliances. We love it so much, that we now carry it in our store. ($7.50)