ZWADA home in The Wall Street Journal June 3, 2016

We were recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal for an article on laundry rooms. They were impressed with the interior design work showcased in the Roseburn Estate project from 2009.



“As laundry rooms move up in the house, looks are getting more important. In the laundry room of their 3,600-square-foot, six-bedroom home outside Edmonton, Alberta, Dawn and Mark Asbell used the same slate flooring as on the rest of the ground floor and outside deck. The room’s taupe-colored cabinets mirror those in the kitchen. The idea, says Don Zwarych, co-owner of Vancouver-based Zwada home Interiors & Design, which led the 2009 project, was to create flow and consistency throughout the house.

Ms. Asbell also has a double set of washers and dryers, wraparound counter space and a sink with an old-fashioned washboard for scrubbing. Five kids, three of them still at home, busy with sports and sometimes forgetful of hanging up towels, help amass 20 to 25 loads of laundry a week. An attractive, high-performance laundry room makes the chore more enjoyable, says Ms. Asbell, 51. In all, the laundry-room project cost an estimated $14,000.”


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