150 Best Interior Design Ideas – Francesc Zamora Mola

We’re proud to have our Yaletown Loft project chosen to be featured in Francesc Zamora Mola’s latest book,“150 Best Interior Design Ideas” from Harper Collins. Thank you for recognizing our work.

About the Book

An in-depth review of the latest trends in residential interior designs from internationally renowned architects and designers, showcasing 150 full-color profiles and 500 pages of color photos—an outstanding addition to the popular 150 Best series.

In 150 Best Interior Design Ideas you’ll find the most attractive, functional, and cost-effective design solutions for every room in the house. Some of the top architects and designers working around the globe today experiment with arrangement, color, texture, material, and finishes to create personalized spaces to suit every aesthetic preference.

Featuring full-color photographs and diagrams, this exciting entry in the highly successful 150 Best series is an inspirational source of ideas to help you create beauty in your everyday surroundings, and is an essential reference of current trends in interior design for designers, decorators, architects, and homeowners.












30 Amazing Interior Design Companies in Vancouver

Thank you Point2 homes for selecting ZWADA home Interiors and Design as one of the top 30 Interior Design companies in Vancouver.  Wonderful news!




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Wedgewood Home Wallcoverings – JF Fabrics

Inspired by the latest Wedgewood Home Wallcoverings by JF Fabrics.  Wonderful bold geometric designs with metallic accents.

A rare glimpse into exemplary craftsmanship – Hermès At Work

“Behind every finishing touch, there is a starting point.  Behind every technical accomplishment, there is a long  apprenticeship and ceaseless endeavour.  Behind every finely tuned gesture, there is the right tool, a history and a name.  Behind the smallest detail, there is a human being, guided by a watchful eye and pride in work well done.”

– Hermès


The Saddler


The Leatherworker



The Gem-Setter


The Silk Printer


The Watchmaker

Featured in Westcoast Condominium June, 2016

Thank you for featuring our Yaletown Loft project in Westcoast Condominium.



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Condo Style: Decorating a Loft with High Ceilings



Road Trip to Harrison Mills – Rowena’s Inn on the River

We’ve been hearing about Rowena’s Inn on the River for quite some time and hoped to someday drive out for a visit. Last weekend we finally made the trek and were taken back by the sheer beauty of the place. Nestled amidst beautiful mountains and ancient fir trees, this beautifully restored English style manor offers commanding views of the Harrison River. The estate has the atmosphere of understated elegance and rustic luxury, a place filled with BC history. It was well worth the drive out to Harrison Mills for a day of relaxation.


Rowena’s Inn On the River
Address: 14282 Morris Valley Rd, Harrison Mills, BC V0M 1L0






Terra from Marca Corona

Terra from Marca Corona has selected and re-interpreted in a contemporary fashion geometries and patterns that get new life in the modern style.







“Interior Design – Before and After” on Youtube

A video clip of our “Interior Design – Before and After” is now available on Youtube!


Contemporary Meets Eclectic


A beautiful example of West Coast modern architecture – recently featured in the hit ABC TV show “Mistresses” & W Network “Love It or List It”.  The home is an eclectic mix of vibrant colours, objects and stories.  A warm yet sleek and sophisticated space with extensive use of concrete and glass which helps bring the outdoors in.
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North Vancouver Contemporary

Image from ABC TV show “Mistresses”


Designer Tips – Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and glass can be a problematic job. In spite of all of the effort, the glass still has streaks and lint and never seems sparkling clean.  We often get asked if we have a solution for this problem.  After years of trial and error, we can conclude that apart from the elbow grease, you need the right cleaner, tools and technique.  To get a beautifully cleaned glass surface we suggest the following:

1. Never use a swirling motion as this causes streaks to appear when light hits the surface.  Wipe the mirror top to bottom first, then wipe side to side.  We have found this will leave you with perfectly clean glass.

2. Cleaners – Sprayway comes in at the top of our list.


3. Cleaning Cloth – For a cloth that requires only water and has given us amazing results, we suggest the KD Cloth. This cloth is also great on stainless appliances. We love it so much, that we now carry it in our store. ($7.50)