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Contemporary Meets Eclectic


A beautiful example of West Coast modern architecture – recently featured in the hit ABC TV show “Mistresses” & W Network “Love It or List It”.  The home is an eclectic mix of vibrant colours, objects and stories.  A warm yet sleek and sophisticated space with extensive use of concrete and glass which helps bring the outdoors in.
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North Vancouver Contemporary

Image from ABC TV show “Mistresses”


Designer Tips – Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

Cleaning mirrors and glass can be a problematic job. In spite of all of the effort, the glass still has streaks and lint and never seems sparkling clean.  We often get asked if we have a solution for this problem.  After years of trial and error, we can conclude that apart from the elbow grease, you need the right cleaner, tools and technique.  To get a beautifully cleaned glass surface we suggest the following:

1. Never use a swirling motion as this causes streaks to appear when light hits the surface.  Wipe the mirror top to bottom first, then wipe side to side.  We have found this will leave you with perfectly clean glass.

2. Cleaners – Sprayway comes in at the top of our list.


3. Cleaning Cloth – For a cloth that requires only water and has given us amazing results, we suggest the KD Cloth. This cloth is also great on stainless appliances. We love it so much, that we now carry it in our store. ($7.50)




Refined Contemporary – Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

A beautiful bathroom in the British Properties designed years ago by a legendary Vancouver designer, was beginning to show its age and in need of being renewed.  The owners wanted to ensure that the refurbished ensuite was not only practical and functional, but relaxing, comfortable and tranquil.
Without altering the spatial layout of the room, the strategy was to update, modify and refine the existing space through the introduction of new elements. Harmony and a clean look was achieved throughout by balancing colour and materials.
The space is filled with luxurious amenities, including a free-standing tub, double vanity, open glass shower and heated flooring. The result is an ensuite bathroom that feels more spacious, streamlined and elegant.


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▶ British Properties – Ensuite Renovation, West Vancouver

Interior Wall Design – Kitte – Tokyo, Japan

Kitte – The first commercial facility developed by Japan Post.  Interior design by Kuma Kengo.

Kengo designed the walls as well as individual floors using traditional Japanese materials and craftsmanship.


1F Sakura (Japanese Cherry)


2F Kawara (Japanese Ceramic Roof Tiles)


4F Sakan (Japanese Plastering)


5F Kuri (Chestnut)


B1 Washi (Japanese Paper)


T-CUP by Brent Comber

The natural beauty of Cedar.  T-CUP by Brent Comber.

interior design Vancouver dental office wood stool


interior design Vancouver dental office wood stool

An Eclectic Mix – New Westminster Loft


In this loft project the clients’ love of colour was the inspiration for the design. We created the cohesive look by carefully gathering interesting elements that all work together. Designing in the eclectic style allowed us to borrow from different periods and origins and then combine them within the single project. With this we were then able to further create unique, daring and striking colour combinations, moving beyond conventional room colours and personalizing the living space.


▶ New Westminster Loft Project Photos


Coal Harbour Modern


A Finn Juhl Pelican chair inspired by modern “free art” sets the tone for this Coal Harbour condo. The interior is sleek and simple with a focus on function and organization. The use of curves, angles and simple edges, coupled with clean lines creates an open, uncluttered space.


▶ Coal Harbour Condo Renovation 2015 Project Photos


Masculine Sensibility – Yaletown Loft



In this project, we once again we had the opportunity to explore the relationship between the single male and interior design. There continues a movement in design today that reflects a more masculine sensibility. With this project we further explored the world of restrained furniture details and sombre colours. The goal was to create a masculine home with great style without appearing in poor taste. The clean lines, beautiful woods and varied textures found throughout the space helped in achieving the look. You don’t have to be a man to love this style.


▶ Yaletown Loft Project Photos


Monet’s Kitchen

Interior_design Vancouver_ Monet_Kitchen 00

*Image from The Fondation Claude Monet

Summer makes me think of Claude Monet and his home in Giverny, where he lived for 43 years.  The French painter, one of the founders of the Impressionist movement, had one of the most beautiful properties in Normandy.

I can only imagine walking through his house and garden and dream of what the atmosphere of the kitchen with its walls covered in blue Rouen tiles must have been like.  The coolness of the blue contrasting with the soft glow of the copper pots and utensils is inspiring.  I envision fresh flowers strewn about, with vegetables from the garden being prepared for family and friends.

We may never have the house, however, we are now able to have the kitchen tiles thanks to Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.  This American company has recreated Monet’s tiles, ensuring that any combination of the hand painted blue and white works of art will add French elegance to any style of kitchen.



*Images from Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc