The Resurgence of Wallpaper

Over the past few years wallpaper has come back into style, and it is nothing like patterns and vinyls of the past.  The truth is that wallpaper has never looked better, the range of designs, textures and prints are outstanding. Repeat patterns, pictures and vibrant colours take over from the basics that our mothers and grandmothers pasted upon their walls. The new papers offer us everything from the bold to modest, contemporary to classic and everything in between.


Wallpaper for us is transformative and allows one to create visual interest in spaces that lack architectural detail.  A wonderful alternative to paint, it adds colour, texture and is able to alter the mood of any room.  A nice change from the past is that today’s wallpaper is also much easier to remove.


A look at a few of our projects showcasing the power of paper…


Geometric wallpaper from Graham & Brown


Geometric wallpaper from Studio 465


Vibrant wallpaper from Printers Guild Productions


Glitter sand print wallpaper from York Wallcoverings


Custom closet with grasscloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries